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April Devotional

What the Holy Spirit will do in you

In this book by the Man of God Pastor Chris, you’ll learn about what your new best friend can and will do in you!

Cultivating the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Do you know in the kingdom of God, thanksgiving is a way of life? It is one of the attributes in life of the Christian. Read this short extract by Lisa Singh to understand and learn about the Miracles of Thanksgiving

Victory By The Word (1)

In a world where people carelessly use their words to frame terrible futures for themselves, learn how to use the Word to create a meaningful life above circumstances by the man of God Pastor Enoch

Victory by Word (2)

In this episode, we learn about four things that impact the way see life and the report we give towards situation

Victory by the Word (3)

In this episode, my man of God answers all your questions that you’ve had as an elementary Christian

Victory by the Word (4)

Know your state of knowledge as a Christian to be aware of all that has been deposited in you and given to you to possess

The Grace of our Lord Jesus

The Magnificent Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ has opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of this world. Read this devotional by Tony Evans and get a deeper and more personal meaning about this sovereign grace

The Mind Of God

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of God? Listen to these very words spoken by the Man Of God, Pastor Enoch Boamah

Hearing from God (1)

In part one of this series, you’ll learn about the sovereignty of God. Hearing from God stems its the basis from here

Hearing from God (2)

How do you tell what you’re hearing is from God? In part two, you’ll learn about the will of God from which you can judge what you’re hearing.

Hearing from God (3)

Decode the voice of God through this sermon. Learn how you can distinguish what God says from what He’s not said

Hearing from God (4)

We’re delving deeper into hearing from God where we learn about the agency of the Holy Spirit in hearing from God.

Hearing from God (5)

🥵 Last episode was hot! This episode will be hotter!! In this episode, you’ll learn about who can hear God and how to undergo the training of hearing Him