Mi Historia & Trayectoria‼️

Hoy quiero compartir mi historia en esta gran compañía que me a abierto un millón de puertas y brindado oportunidades de crecer como persona tanto como en el mercado. Con tan solo 19 años & 2 meses y medio en esta compañía he completado 4 rangos en los cuales he tenido la gran oportunidad de formar mi equipo para que juntos lleguemos a la cima. MONAT me ha brindando la libertad de tiempo para seguir mis dos carreras y tener los recursos necesarios para llegar lejos en ambas partes de mi vida; laboral como educativa.
La consistencia y dedicación deja mucho de que hablar del empeño en que una persona le pone a su negocio y por ende es que hoy tengo la dicha de decir que estoy donde estoy. Si es difícil pero no imposible!! He tenido la dicha de que con tan solo 19 años ya soy líder de un grupo de personas emprendedoras que dan el todo por el todo para seguir creciendo! Por eso te quiero brindar la oportunidad de que formes parte de mi maravilloso equipo y te des la oportunidad de crecer como lo he hecho yo y lo han logrado un montón de personas más!! Arriésgate y gana! Empieza a generar dinero desde la comodidad de tu casa con el uso de tus redes, conexiones y Wifi! Escríbeme y empieza a lograr metas y ser tu propia jefa!

NEW Color Locking + Protective Spray‼️

This UV protective leave-in spray preserves hair color and prevents color from fading.


Only For You Products Of The Month‼️

•OFY - Renew Shampoo 4 oz

A salt and sulfate-free gentle, hydrating cleanser that penetrates and moisturizes the scalp. Helps boost natural hair growth and improves follicle strength to aid in reducing hair thinning. Supports the restoration of the hair’s youthful vitality by adding essential moisture back into the hair. Safe to use on colored and/or chemically treated hair and extensions. Infused with REJUVENIQE™ Oil

•OFY - Volumizing Revive Shampoo 4 oz

A gentle volumizing cleanser that delivers body to fine and limp hair. Penetrates and supports the scalp while helping boost natural hair growth and improving follicle strength to assist in reducing hair thinning. Gives hair a touchably soft and youthful look. Safe to use on colored and/or chemically treated hair and extensions.

•OFY- Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser

Cleanses and conditions at the same time. Low lather gently removes buildup. Creamy formula hydrates and moisturizes strands. Rinses easily and won’t weigh down the hair. Leaves the hair silky soft, smooth and shiny. Detangles and increases manageability. Safe for color-treated hair. Dermatologist and allergy-tested.


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Color Protection / All Hair Types & Textures / Color Care & Prep💥

- Seals the cuticle to lock in color and prevent fading.
- Protects against UV rays and environmental factors.
- Preserves color vibrancy and shine.
- Lightweight formula, will not weigh hair down.
- Helps prevent damage and dryness.
- Helps to smooth and control frizz and flyaways.


Hair Product of the Week!


REJUVABEADS selectively targets and heals split ends and other damaged or stressed areas along the hair shaft, eliminating breakage and frizz, decreasing friction, increasing shine and helping improve color. Independent testing has demonstrated a 100% repair of split ends 3mm long and under within one minute following application. The product. Hair is left stronger, more flexible, manageable and resilient. The e ects last for days (about two to three washes) and are enhanced with repeated use, without creating build-up, oiliness or heaviness. Leaves hair silky smooth, polished and protected from further damage.


Skin Care Product of The Week‼️

C. Radiance Illuminating Serum✨

•Brightening & Enhancing Glow-intensifying Target Step

A supercharged, 15% vitamin C serum for the skin featuring powerful antioxidants to help brighten and enhance your complexion. Our silky serum glides on and absorbs fast, quickly working to create a healthy, youthful-looking glow.

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MONAT Color Locking + Protective Spray

The Champ Conditioner Dry Shampoo

Frizz-Fix Smoothing Hair Primer

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