Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello, I’m so glad you stopped by my page! My name is Erika, I’m 31 years young, married the love of my life at age 23, we have 2 beautiful boys and one baby girl in heaven.🤍🕊 We lost our baby girl to a miscarriage in Oct. 2020…it really broke us. The hardest season we had to walk through as a couple and family. We love Jesus and believe he has a greater plan.

We love our family time, making memories and enjoying the little things. Life’s short, make the most of it right? I love to worship whether it’s in song, dance or spoken word (poetry). I love letting my creative juices flow to glorify God.

I have worked for the school district for over 8 years now. I work in special education. I also own my own faith-based clothing brand, Sundaze Best Apparel

I recently got started with MONAT Global at the end of Feb. of 2021 (my hair and skin needed some major lovin’) and woooow! I wish I found this company sooner. It’s been a huge blessing.

A little insight to why I took this hair thing serious

I hope this encourages you

So, the great thing was no one came looking for me to join! 👀😂 I know right? That’s already a shock. 😱 I had seen my friend sharing and posting about the products, results and even the potential income. But what intrigued me the most were the results! My hair was no bueno. It was dull + dry. I had no growth and terrible dandruff. 😖

When I saw that these products were clean products and were actually beneficial for my scalp and hair I said why not!? I reached out to my friend, I was about to purchase one product on her website😂. I laugh because how much can one product actually change? That tells you how much I knew about hair products. My friend had me take a hair quiz, educated me on the different products and what they were for + the ways to purchase.

I didn’t give it much thought I was like well duh I should just jump all the way in. I knew I was going to continue using the products so why not get all the perks as a Market Partner (bigger savings and option to sell). When I tell you I didn’t know the income potential...I really didn’t! I immediately starting earning an income from this business by simply sharing my journey/results with others. No inventory, no sales quotas, no obligation to sell, crazy results and crazy savings! Working from home! This is amazing and YOU can do this too.

I had no knowledge about hair and skin products prior to being introduced to MONAT, but I saw it as the perfect opportunity to learn + grow. We have the best community of women to help train, guide and encourage us along the way and that’s what it can be for you as well.



Before MONAT I had such dry, damaged hair. I suffered from dandruff and little to no growth. Lots and lots of frizz and just overall unmanageable hair..


I’ve stayed consistent and trusted the process, even when I wasn’t sure if it could or would improve. I’m so grateful I’m trusting the process.


I have extremely sensitive skin. I’ve dealt with dry patches, scarring, and uneven skin tone/texture. I’m so grateful that MONAT has a skincare line for every skin type. My skin has come such a long way.