my dear

To the love of my life

"It was written in the stars that they would meet and fall in love"

When two people feel their relationship is on a more profound and spiritual level, you can call it a soulmate connection. They become soulmates. Their connection is not based on materialistic things or superficial feelings. The connection is more intense and runs much deeper.
They understand each other so well that they can communicate without a word being said aloud. Souls are believed to be immortal and eternal. When one life ends, they move on to the next life. Across lifetimes, the souls have a tendency to connect with the loved ones of their previous births. The Universe is known to help souls reunite in each lifetime.
Soulmates feel as if they have known each other for a long time even if they have just met. It is as if an unknown force is propelling them towards each other. They can’t resist being drawn to each other.
The bond that you share with a soulmate feels exceptionally strong, even if they are not around in your surroundings, you often think about them and how they are doing. no matter what you do, you can't eliminate the energetic ties that link the two of you on the cosmic plane.
it's not uncommon for soulmates to have a telepathic connection, even at a distance. by staying connected to them, you stay in touch with the energies that they infuse into your life and the lessons that they teach. this is fate being written in the stars.

what do i mean by saying all this?
i just wanted you to know what it's like to have a soulmate. before you i never felt the urge to be with someone all the time. i used to be so detached, but it all changed when I met you. i knew it was you what I've been looking for.
so please marry me. i wanted this to be a little more special, but you know me, you know im impulsive, im rough. i can't wait too long. i want you to be with me all the time.