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By me

Cuz im bored and i wanna show my colouring and the vonts that i use for my videos but please give tc <3


Start here —

First app💕

So first you gonna download the app 24 fps (its only for ios in the app store)
and then you need the filter |red flavor|
And the qr code for it is here just screenshot it.

after u added your vid you can scan the qr code and then save it.

After 24 fps you download prequel and vont too

And if you have android?
No problem me too you just look at some tutorials on yt how to get it you need the app polarr and vn.


Second app

So here are you after you downloaded prequel
(Or you already have it)

Sooo first you gonna open prequel.

Then click on the plus then you need to select your image or your video and click on the effects.
You need to swipe to the dust and select the effect

dust on 75
Dust filter on 25
Aberration on zero
And the black dust on.

Then you need to click on adjust
And use

Exposure on -100
Contrast on 50
Highlights on -100
Shadows on -50
Sharpen on 45

And to the last part add blur (optional) on 50 or how much you want


Last app


Sooo hey again here you downloaded the vont app

(Or you already have the vont app)

So go on the website and search the font sant Joan depsi (not on dafont) and mermaid.After that click on the download then open it with the vont app
and select your vid

and just use the fonts that you downloaded already.

Thank you for visiting

Okay that's it luvs please give tc too ❤

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