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Comforting Scents That Helps To Calm The Emotions Down

Tuberose | 10ml

Helps to relieves from stress, anxiety, depression, nervous problems, tension and anger. It increase activities and also helps cure sexual disorders

📌 RM 69.90

Raspberry | 10ml

Helps in relaxing the mind, rejuvenate the skin, anti bacteria, whitening the skin, anti inflammatory

📌 RM69.90

Sakura Blossom | 10ml

Ideal for a mature complexion therapeutically regenerative, promote collagen formation in the fibroblasts

📌 RM 69.90

English Rose | 10ml

Improve restlessness, improving quality sleep, reducing stress and lower heart rate (anti depression)

📌 RM 69.90

Bidara | 10ml

Promote quality sleep help to cure exzema, reduce migraine good to babies, heal joint pains, energies good vibe and positive energy in spiritual

📌 RM 69.90

Tea Tree | 10ml

Refreshing and purifying that will cleanse the air and awaken your senses, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, treats acne, athlete's foot

📌 RM 69.90

Peppermint | 10ml

Energize and relieves mental fatigue, provide focus, increase alertness, concentration memory, improving respiration & headache, anti bacterial, stimulate circulation and dry skin

📌 RM 69.90

7 Flower | 10ml

One of the best ways to charge yourself with the essence of positive energy helps to promote quality sleep, energised and relieves mental fatigue

📌 RM 69.90

7 Lime | 10ml

Refreshing and uplifting encourages clarity, concentration and focus, keep clear acne, reduce cellulite, exfoliating dead skin cells

📌 RM 69.90

Lemongrass | 10ml

Relieves muscles pain, reduce infection, relieves headache and migraine, reduce stomach upset, improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation

📌 RM 69.90

Patchouli | 10ml

Has a grounding balancing, calming scent, insect repellent, as natural moisturizer for skin

📌 RM 69.90

English Lavender | 10ml

Balance emotion, calm nervous system, ease anxiety, helps to promote quality sleep, antiseptic, soothing the skin

📌 RM 69.90