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Before finding Epicure, I cooked when I found time. I knew I enjoyed making healthy choices at home, but my schedule didn’t really afford me the energy to do the whole song and dance of taking something out of the freezer, defrosting it, prepping it, and cleaning up after. Many times, even with the best of intentions, we would end up with takeout or delivery on our table and I would feel so defeated for all the efforts I had made before that time to clean up my eating habits and nourish my body with good food options.

I was introduced to Epicure by two health coaches, Sarah and Nikki, while completing a 40-day healthy eating class.

I have been using the products since March 2021. As a result of this change in our kitchen, my fiancé and I now have a better balance in sharing cooking responsibilities at home, we are eating meal options that better support our health needs and goals, and I feel like we are back on a healthy path with minimal effort. We have reduced our grocery bill and food waste, as well as cut back on time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, leaving us more time to do things together every day.

I now have a plan for healthy habits in our home and have been able to share this quick, easy, healthy lifestyle with friends and family who also have their own health needs and goals. And, I have so much confidence in sharing the meal options and cookware because they work for my family and the meals never disappoint!

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