Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Height: 5'9

Weight: 139

Eye Color: Brown

Accessories: Elaine has a wide variety of jewelry, full of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. She of course, is often not seen without one of her many handbags and purses, and a pair of sunglasses always ready to go.

Usual Outfit: Elaine has a very electric style, yet always prefers things that make her look sleek and chic, always vying her look her best. She does not like to wear baggy clothing out of the house, yet could be often seen wearing such articles safely tucked away behind doors of her shared home with her fiance.


*Potential TW*

Elaine was born to a fairly normal family in the city of Amiens, France. She family included her mother, her father and her two older siblings. Her father had a good job as a doctor, working steadily throughout her entire childhood as a family practice doctor, providing quite the steady income for the family. Her mother was a school teacher, at the local schoolhouse.

Her siblings were always her best friends, even them being both 5 and 7 years older then her. While Elaine had a good, fair amount of friends growing up, they were never comparable to her siblings and the bond the trio had.

When Elaine was 5 years old, she was attacked by a large dog while playing in her front yard, leaving a good sized scar on her left hip. It has since scarred her and given her quite the fear of dogs.

She had a pretty easy childhood, school went fairly well and her family was happy. Highschool proved to be more difficult and she found it harder to fit in. She wasn't horrendously bullied, or outcasted, but the snide comments from the boys and the giggles from the girls were enough for her to fall into a depression, soon developing an eating disorder. She battled with such problems for a few years, before finally receiving treatment when she was 20 years old. She is finally on an upward spiral with her life, after moving to England a couple months after treatment ended. She found a safe job at a fashion magazine, met a wonderful girl whom she is still engaged too, and she lives happily with her fiance and their two cats.


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