When I was rolling in the corporate world, I used to think that my WORTH was based on how much my boss and team liked me. ⁣This led to me completely burning out.

I was constantly choosing out of myself and living on a vibrational plane that was full of hustle mentality, stress and resistance. I was terrified that somebody would see the real “me”, that I was hiding behind a corporate mask.

I realised I was meant for more. I realised that I could help so many people, making such an impact.

When I decided to go all in and leave that corporate world behind, I stopped tying my worth to people and things. I stopped rolling in circles where I couldn’t be my most authentic self.

And I stopped living in fear.⁣

Hitting my next level of success looked like a rollercoaster ride from hell, it wasn’t easy at first.. but it brought me to this moment in time where I’m talking to you, my love. ⁣

There was a time in my life where I literally didn’t think this was possible for me. And I thought settling for what I had was all I’d ever get. I’d never get my happy ending. I’D NEVER HAVE IT ALL.

Those thoughts were heavy as fuck. They left me setting goals, and never achieving them. They left me crying in the shower where no-one would hear me. They left me feeling empty + uninspired.

Nobody understood me and I felt so incredibly alone and isolated in that crowd.

I’m here to tell you now, step away from the crowd.

You CAN have it all.