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I’ve gone to school, gotten my degree, fell back into the server industry with two jobs or more at times. I was struggling to find family time with my 4 kids as well as making ends meet. It all started with helping to support my sister-in-law with her new home based business Monat. Curiosity got the best of me and I researched the brand finding the company actually was Vegan based, people were getting critical results, and I could actually start a business of my own too. So I bought the least expensive product pack and started my journey. I’m at the point in this new endeavor to where I could quit my job and be at home with my kids- what a life! I could even go back to school if I wanted too and go further now that I have the flexibility with a job I can work at home through. Just two months in I’m getting bonuses and promoted, never have I ever been with a company that this was possible. Happiness is in reach finally! Also knowing I can bring in my friends and family to help them work from home too or even just giving them the right products to make their lives better is so much more fulfilling than serving a hot plate of food to-most of the time- rude customers. At this point I’m just a mother with the ambition and drive to put my family and my community in a better place one step at time with Monat ❤️

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My Top Picks

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Rejuvenique Light Oil

Let me start with is has 101 uses but as for myself I use it on my face AM and PM for a citrus smelling glowing complexion

C. Radiance

-skin immediately looks refreshed, brighter, radiant glow
-reduces appearance of blemish marks, photo damage, dark spots
-improves skin texture, softness, and smoothes

Berry Refined Scrub

-targets uneven skin tone and texture
-96% noticed skin instantly looked fresher and more radiant
-2 in 1 facial scrub & mask
-Also smells amaaaaazing

Restore Leave-In Conditioner

-Restores essential nutrients to the scalp
-Boosts natural hair growth
-Improves follicle strength to reduce hair thinning
-Tames frizz/flyaways
Leaves fragile hair feeling silky, youthful & supple


-targets and heals split ends
-eliminates breakage & frizz
-leaves hair stronger and shinier

What’s the difference?

Enlightenment 💡

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off