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Hey! You might know me from my TikTok, electric_cosplays. I made this website to educate my followers (and other people) about the importance of the BLM movement, LGBTQ+ rights, ALM (Asian Lives Matter), MLM (Muslim Lives Matter), Feminism, and problematic people/companies. Also on here will be where I get all of my cosplays from, and pictures of my cosplays/cosplans.

We’re lucky to have platforms to promote these movements in modern-day life, but lots of us aren’t using our platforms on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to help, so therefore, I’ve decided to make this website so that more people are aware of these situations.

Here’s some things about me!:
• I’m a minor (so no weird comments.)
• I cosplay, obviously
• :), :(, :/, :):, <3 >>> emojis
• I’m a cat person :P
• I’m Pansexual (questioning Omnisexual!)
• One of my many kins are bakugo
• History > Geography
• I learn Mandarin, Japanese, and Swedish, and I’m thinking of trying Latvian!!
• I know English and Bulgarian fluently!
• I’m half Bulgarian!
• My favourite food is ramen and sushi :)
• If you wanna add my snap or be friends please don’t hesitate to ask I’m honestly so lonely LMAO
• My pronouns are she/they/he/xem

And finally, here’s a list of my socials (you can vent or DM me if anything is worrying you<3)
Instagram: gl1tchf41ry
TikTok: electric_cosplays
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LGBTQ+ Genders and Sexualities —


Definitions of genders and sexualities will be on my TikTok and Instagram!

Members of the LGBTQ+ community have been getting harassed, abused, and even killed for decades, even centuries. And for what? For being who they are. Something they can’t control. What was all that talk about expressing yourself and being yourself? And then it’s the same people who are homophobic and transphobic. We can do something about this, whether it’s by signing petitions, making petitions, etc. It’s as simple as that, it takes a few seconds, a swipe of your fingers, and someone might be convinced that being homophobic is wrong, another person might help someone they know who might be getting harassed/bullied because of their gender/sexuality. Tiny movements make big small things happen that can lead to big improvements in peoples lives.

A preference in sexualities is when an individual prefers one gender more to another. For example, omnisexual is when you like all genders with a preference to one or more, e.g a preference to men.

Umbrella Terms:
There are ‘Umbrella Terms’ that people confuse and don’t know about. An Umbrella Term is a term that is used for many sexualities, all under one Umbrella. But sometimes these Umbrella Terms are also sexualities or genders. For example, if someone’s gender differs from their gender assigned at birth, they would be under the trans umbrella. But transgender is a gender, and people get it confused with the Umbrella Term. ‘Gay’ is an umbrella term for most sexualities, but it’s also a sexuality.

AFAB: Assigned Female at Birth
AMAB: Assigned Male at Birth

There are some stereotypes in the LGBTQ+ community, e.g lesbian people are always masculine, and gay people are always feminine. These are untrue stereotypes, and could be counted as homophobia.

There are different kinds of pronouns, neopronouns, zenopronouns, xenopronouns, and regular pronouns. Some may argue that neopronouns are transphobic, however I do not believe that they are. Zenopronouns are “ze, zem, zey, zir, zie”, Xenopronouns are “xe, xem, xyr, xey”, and neopronouns could be any word that one finds appealing, but some common ones are “doll, bun, void, light”. Regular pronouns are “she/her/he/him/they/them”. Just because someone uses different pronouns doesn’t mean they’re gay or trans. There is no gender for pronouns.

Sexualities and genders that aren’t valid!
The following list of sexualities and genders are homophobic and transphobic as they are mocking the LGBTQ+ community. If you are any of these please block me on all my socia media.
• Gachasexual
• Gachagender
• Animesexual
• Super Straight
• P3d0sexual
• Dracosexual
• Plantsexual
• Dreamsexual/DSMPsexual
• Purplesexual
• Foodsexual
• Discordsexual
• Danganronpasexual

And many more. Please research or let me know if you have any more to put on this list. I can also post flags on my socials!

LGBTQ+ Petitions Link