Electric Cars

Electric cars are way better than gas vehicles

Electric vehicles dominate over gas vehicles for many reasons. Some including social status, environmental health, and fuel cost efficiency.

Environmental health

Electric vehicles are good for someone who wants to be eco-friendly. They use electricity which is a renewable resource to charge the battery. This causes way less greenhouse gasses being emitted than gas vehicle would emit.

Fuel efficency

It is very cheap to charge an electric vehicle. An article said that for around a months worth of casual use it would cost only about 15$ total to charge. That's very cheap compared to a gas vehicle.

Social Status

I did a small poll and the answers of the poll may shock you. Many people said that if someone owned an electric car, it would make them seem cooler. The most popular electric car being a tesla. If you own an electric car, you are giving the people around you a better image of yourself. It shows how you care for the environment. That alone is an appealing trait and electric cars are a good opening to talk about to start a conversation.


Electric vehicles can do long range drives. Electric vehicles may be more inconvenient for a long drive than gas vehicles, but they can still manage to do them. There are charging stations in most cities so it won't be too hard to find charging before you run out of miles. The only problem is that it takes time to charge. During this time you can be stretching, eating, shopping, or using the restroom. You do all of these things during a gas vehicle trip. It's just you might have to wait a little more time with an electric vehicle. All the perks still outweigh this minor debut.