Meet The Maker, plus some

Welcome to our crazy family !

Meet the a few.

Mommy Maker
I am 26, a wife and mom of 3 plus 3. We have 6 kids in a yours, mine and ours situation. My family is my life. In the last year I have lost my dad and my grandmother. Lose is a powerful thing and one thing it has shown me is to cherish my time with each person while I have it.

Daddy Helper
My husband is an amazing man to put up with myself, my family and our kids. His patients and durability surprise me to no end.

Youngest First
Aron is only 2 months old and our last recruitment to this chaotic team.

The other baby
ElsaLea is our baby still even though she’s growing into a big girl way too soon. She is 3 years old and I’m quickly trying to find a way to stop time before she continues to grow.

Our misunderstood
Kam, 4 years old and can be so super sweet. He is also very entergetic, but if you can get him to slow down he will melt your heart.

Princess is her middle name
Lydia is my firstborn, 5 years old and generally introduces herself as Lydia Princess.

Daddy’s Shadow
Rylan, 6 years old. The only thing he loves more than his daddy is video games. With a wild imagination and a very competitive spirit, you can expect a wild ride watching him navigate through life.

Mamma Sister
Becca, 6 years old. As the oldest not only in her house but in our whole Brady bunch family, it’s not surprising she can take on a protective (and bossy) role with her siblings. She’s a great big sister and the rest of them will never have to worry with her by their side.

This is our overextended, crazy family but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Now you know a little about us, tell me about you!