About Us

Islamic Inspired Gifts

“Read in the name of your Lord who has created all that exists.”

◇ R A I N B O W Q U R A N
Our beautiful rainbow leather Qurans are intricately embossed with a unique pattern on the covers. Each quarter of the Holy Quran is filled with breathtaking coloured pages. Our Qurans are available in two sizes and over 10 different colours.

◇ C U F F S
El Eman wanted to create something different and unique, something with lots of meaning, so we released our gorgeous 18k plated Islamic inspired cuffs. Each inspirational word is a reminder for every time you look down at your cuff, to have patience, to be thankful, to be grateful! Our gorgeous cuffs are available in gold, rose gold and silver.

◇ C H A R I T Y
One of our biggest goals is to help our brothers and sisters live the life they deserve, so we gather $5 from every Quran purchased and donate it to an Islamic charity, every fortnight. You can find our Charity receipts in the “Charity” highlight on our page.

El Eman provides the most thoughtful gifts for your family, friends and all your loved ones! We hope to hear from you Insha’Allah. Please feel free to DM us for all orders and enquiries!