Elemental Breath

Replacing stress in the workplace with bliss in the mind.

Elemental Breath offers virtual and in-person experiences for corporate groups, businesses, and their employees to help them manage stress in the workplace.

We help our clients identify creativity blocks and points of stress throughout the day and lead them through Breathwork, guided meditation, and mindfulness sessions that release those blocks.

These sessions can be customized to individuals and groups, and used to help participants release blockages to productivity, fulfillment, creativity and collaboration.

Stress is the leading cause of [workplace issue, turnover in the workplace]. Breathwork and meditation have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Elemental breath prides itself on being able to facilitate transformative sessions that restore bliss, productivity, and creativity.

Reviews & Reflections

What folks are saying about their Elemental Breath experience.

Testimonial #1

I really enjoyed the clarity Imani offered about what to do as well as her encouragement for me to dive deep and explore what was challenging me. By the end of the practice I felt like my mental fog had been scrubbed clean whereas before, I felt so conflicted. The experience lead to revelations and a clear path forward.

Testimonial #2

Imani has beautiful energy and you can feel it! This was my first breath work experience and I am looking forward to my next already! Right after, I could feel the release of stored energy and trauma in my body. It was so powerful. It meant a lot to me to have Imani hold that space and to release those old emotions. Before the session, I was wondering if I would be able to do the Breathwork or if it would be hard to follow, but it was so easy. Imani makes it a wonderful experience!

Testimonial #3

I truly enjoyed the Elemental Breath experience. I felt a sense of calm after the session and it was what I needed to get grounded for the week ahead. This was a transformative experience. I felt very safe and thankful during the session. I highly recommend this experience for anyone on the journey of healing and self evolution.