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"Life speaks; listen."

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About Sunwater

Modern Day Medium and Mystic


My name is Sunwater.

I have been practicing Tarot, as well as studying methods of Divination, for 15 years.

My goal for each reading is to leave the client with a sense of empowerment and insight gained from the experience.

I have a wonderful clientele that attest to the power of my work.
(Reviews available on final slide.)

The next few pages cover the process of purchasing, scheduling and receiving a reading.

Live Tarot Readings

All readings are given with an empowerment based approach.

There are many ways to perform Tarot readings; this is how I perform Live Tarot Readings.

Clients choose specified minutes of one-on-one tarot time.

Your reading will be booked at your personal convenience; we will schedule your reading at a time that works for you.

Readings will be performed at the scheduled time, after payment is made.

Once the reading begins, we will discuss as few or as many topics or questions as you choose.

There are Unlimited Card Pulls for each Read.

Reads can be given directly through Instagram messaging, in typed "chat" formatting.

Payments can be made through PayPal.

(Other methods of communication or payment can be accommodated upon request.)

Live Reading Pricing

Live Empowerment Based Tarot Readings

Readings are available as follows:


$60 - 60 minutes


$30 - 30 Minutes


$15 - 15 Minutes

Non-Live tarot Readings

These readings are $3/Card

These readings are available as an alternative option to live readings.

These non-live readings are offered at a steady rate of $3 per card.

A paragraph of written interpretation will be given for each card drawn.

Non-live reads are administered in typed formatting through email, or IG messaging.

(Alternative methods of communication or payment may be accommodated upon request.)

Client reviews _______

"I always feel relieved after... the way you explain them is easy to understand and feels powerful." -Traci C.

"Your read shook me to my core! I was super touched and beyond inspired! You have a true talent and the gift of pure intuition. Thank you for sharing your gift with me."
-Lea L.