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Elevate Services JA is a virtual career coaching platform helping our client's job hunt like pros.

Our certified professional resume writers are passionate about helping our clients reach their career goals by assisting them in all areas of the job-hunting process.

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What do our clients say?


“I've been job hunting for quite some time and being unsuccessful prompted me to solicit the help of Elevate Services JA for assistance with my resume and cover letter ( which they did a great job with). After they revised and modified my resume and cover letter, I started to get a lot of calls for interviews which led to me getting an interview with a company I really wanted to work for. I then reached out to Shanique once again to help me get prepared for my interview. She helped to "shell down" that interview, leading me into getting called for my second interview. I'm happy to say that after a few weeks I got a job offer. I'm thankful to Elevate Services JA for helping me land a job with my dream company. There's no doubt that Elevate Services JA is the number one Consulting Agency. I highly recommend this awesome company.”


“I am so happy I sought advise from you guys. I just finished my job interview and landed the job ON SPOT!!! 👌👌👌 ATLEAST 80% of the questions we practiced were asked and I was more than prepared to answer them👏 Your advise and tips WORK!!! THANKS AGAIN ELEVATE SERVICES!!!! 😀😀😀”


“I was job hunting for over a year before I contacted Shanique to help with my resume. I kept sending applications and got no answer that's when I decided that maybe something was wrong. Shanique revamped my resume and after I started applying with the new resume the calls started coming in for interviews. Shanique worked with me through the entire process helping with editing the cover letters for each job and how to present myself in the interviews. Long story short I accepted a job as a civil engineer just under a month of working with her. Thank you Shanique and team Elevate for all the help.”