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Hey! I’m Karina, the founder of Elevating La Cultura
I’m a Mexican-American living in Chicago. I’ve been on a journey to reverse my assimilation to western culture and dive in deeper into my roots. I hope that by elevating conversations with other Latinas and immigrants, their stories can develop a deeper understanding their experiences, create empathy, and empower others with their own life choices.



Elevating la cultura

We’re in Season 4 talking all about Latina creatives. Watch the interviews on YouTube!

Episode 48: Karina Mora Season 4 Finale

Episode 47: Mari Correa

Episode 46: Esperanza Salgado

Episode 45: Yvette Bodden

Episode 44 - Mylene Raspado

Episode 43: Norbella & Claudia

Episode 42: Karina Daza

Episode 41: Sandra Garcia

Episode 40: Renata McElvany

Episode 39: Xochitl Carmona

Episode 38: Ashley Stoyanov Ojeda

Episode 36: Karina Mora Season Finale

Episode 35: NoNieqa Ramos

Episode 34: Marialuisa Gonzalez

Episode 33: Brenda Mendoza

Episode 32: Vanessa Mendoza

Episode 31: Veronica Herrera-Lopez

Episode 30: Margarita Moreno

Episode 29: Analily Morales

Episode 28: Lisset Gonzalez

Episode 27: Vanessa Avalos

Episode 26: Carolina Adame

Episode 25: Karina Season 3 Intro

Episode 23: Jen Quijada

Episode 22: Vanessa Guzman

Episode 21: Evelia Aguirre Torres

Episode 20: Jess Guzman

Episode 19: Patricia Peña

Episode 18: Yesenia Fernandez

Episode 17: Crystal Dorado

Episode 16: Dr. Angie Recendez

Episode 15: Anabelle Martinez

Episode 14: Raquel Galan

Episode 13: Season 2 Intro

Episode 12 - Live episode

Episode 11: Lorena & Sugeiri - Mestiza

Episode 10: Vanessa Valdovinos

Episode 9: Veronica Amador

Episode 8: Zenia Ruiz

Episode 7: Gabriela Perdroza

Episode 6: Mariana Zaragoza

Episode 5:Luisa Navarro

Episode 4: Jasmine Lopez

Episode 3: Isa Gonzalez-Smith

Episode 2

One day event

Say adios to assimilation and celebrate tu cultura

Join us for a day of saying adios to how we've been taught to assimilate, and instead let's celebrate our cultura!

Join me and Sandy from Beautea Queens, Izzy from Neuro Yoga Institute, and co-podcaster Daisy from Hablando Claro, as we dive deep together to share how to create the same journey of reclamation for you.

You will leave being able to recognize your cultural power, steps to deconstruct our assimilation, and new excitement para tu culutra so you can pass it down to the next generation,. And most importantly you'll have una comunidad that esta presente!
*Includes a swag bag featuring several Latine local businesses.

Code: earlybird for $10 off

Season 1

Episode eleven

In this episode I chat with Lorena and Sugeiri from Mestiza who pour into their customers, support their community, and continuously empower other Latinx creatives.

Episode ten

Running a business and enjoying life should go hand in hand. It’s not one or the other.

In this episode, Vanessa shares how after launching her events business VV Social Events in 2014, she later leveraged her experience to launch something that really sparked that light in her, with Hush Chicago, a full-service event production and marketing agency tailored to the cannabis community.

Episode nine

We’ve all heard, “beauty is pain” and many other cliche phrases that have us diminish our own beauty. We have had to navigate from a young age such a narrow view of what beauty is.

In this episode I chat with Veronica, a talented boudoir photographer, who has cultivated an empowering community that goes beyond her business Golden Mean Boudoir.

Episode eight

My guest today is Zenia Ruiz from Flor del Monte, she’s an amazing florist in Chicago, specifically in Pilsen.

In this episode, Zenia shares how she has transitioned and built a thriving business with her mom, and how her family and culture is THE core of everything she does.

Episode seven

Gabriela from Pun Dulce Studio is an amazing calligraphy and stationery artist, here in the Chicago area. We met on instagram, and then I reached out to actually meet in person. We shared our stories over coffee at one of my favorite cafes in Chicago, Brew Brew.

In this episode Gabriela shares her transition from a corporate job to follow her heart and passion for uniting people through stationery.

Episode six

My chat with Mariana, is filled with so much encouragement. She has two businesses in the creative industry, and is ready to pour out her entrepreneurial wisdom.

She takes us through - breaking through norms to build businesses that support her team, as well as her community, all with the drive, passion, and dedication her parents instilled in her.

Episode five

Today’s episode is with Luisa, a journalist who decided to shift the narrative when it came to how Mexico is portrayed in the media.
She started online community, Mexico in my Pocket, that celebrates the beauty of Mexican culture and invites us all along to enjoy.

Episode four

We got into it this week and talked about all the things. Jasmine is an amazing orator and she shares SO much wisdom every time I hang out with her. She’s a photographer, founder of a non-profit, and a huge advocate for mental health.

Episode three

I’m excited share the first interview that we did which was recorded 10 months ago with my friend Isa, a doula, founder of non-profit Chicago Latina Moms, and an all-around amazing human.

Episode two

Listen to why I decided to launch a podcast elevating Latina stories.