Welcome 🌱

“Welcome to the world of the green robin, where we strive to live good but eat better”

Hi everyone, my names Elisha! I created this page after years of thought but not much action (I didn’t know where to start.)

I reside in New York, and have done for just shy of 10 years! and although this city has become home for me, I’m still very much attached to my welsh roots and love for nature!

I started to cook at a young age whilst watching my mother prepare food for herself and I, and not having siblings to fight over who gets to help mum this time, I obviously had a first hand look to all of her tips and tricks in the kitchen.. which is very helpful now lol.

Growing up I was always active (I used to run and dance) so my way of thinking about food became about what foods could fuel my body with nutrients as well as foods and ingredients that taste amazing while doing so (skin benefits and all) and so here we are, taking this one day at a time, and creating delicious vegan recipes that will not only let you live the healthiest way possible but ones that will taste delicious while doing so!

Let’s get this going! 🌻