Elika Moses

Hey Incredible Soul,

A little about me and who I be within the service I bring to the world

I am a Freedom Coach by title, cos ya know we still do that, Mama of 3 free range children 🥰, self expressed woman who continues to delve into my own inner freedom and self liberation as a passion and self devotion practice for life

My vibe is in guiding women to unlock their own self liberation through inner freedom and radiating this into every corner of their lives

My magic is within feminine embodiment, body liberation and the desire and absolute ability to create our dream life, our vision through the magic of who we BE

Ways to walk with me - current offerings

The Expander
Expand, bounce and land on the possibilities of your next bold move

Choose from either

Expander - THE Call

A 90min call expanding the possibilities, creating direction and lift off for your move, pivot or idea to take flight


The Two Week Expander

Includes the above with two weeks of unlimited text and voice note support as you take off!

1:1 Mentoring opportunities…

Inner liberation - begin the journey
6 weeks together

Fortnightly 1:1 coaching sessions
Unlimited voice/text note support
online or in person (local to BOP, NZ)
Book a connection call below if you feel them tingles!

Freedom Within
A 3 Month, 1:1 Journey together

Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions
unlimited voice/text note support
Book a free connection call below if you feel that pull

As always, I’m up for a chat to see what works for you and how best we can come together to make magic in this life ❤️

Elika xx

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