Coaching Information


What can I get from 1-on-1 coaching?
Many people think that personal trainers and/or coaches simply tell their clients what to do. I don’t take that approach. I work with my clients to give accountability and encouragement, work with them to make strategies to move towards their goals and have an outside perspective to see if and when change is needed - having learned about them and their lifestyle.

Will you give me a meal plan?
Nope! For 2 reasons; 1) I am not a registered dietitian and therefore cannot provide you with a meal plan because it’s out of my scope of practice. 2) meal plans are not designed to be sustainable or long-lasting. As a certified nutrition coach, I am educated to help you navigate your nutrition to help you achieve your goals.

How much does it cost?
I have monthly rates, not session rates because I believe that progress happens over time, not in a single session.

I offer my clients in person (in the Elk River, MN area) and online options.

In person options:
Nutrition OR fitness - $259per month
Nutrition AND fitness - $299per month

Online options:
Nutrition OR fitness - $239per month
Nutrition AND fitness - $279per month

What’s included in coaching packages?
Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions
Text and email support (I will respond within the hours of 9am-5pm)
Accountability and support
Form correction during workout sessions
Customised programming tailored to your specific needs and goals

If I can’t make a session, can I reschedule?
I value your time and will make sure you get the full value out of coaching. If you need to make a scheduling change then we will be able to work something out.

What’s your experience as a coach?
In 2015, I got my CPT through NASM.
In 2017, I got my CrossFit level 1 certification.
In 2022, I got my nutrition coaching certification through Precision Nutrition.
I’ve worked in a traditional gym setting doing 1-on-1 training, group classes, kickboxing classes and resistance band strength training classes. I mainly worked with seniors and women who had various health obstacles like MS, fibromyalgia and hyper-mobility. From there I worked at a Ninja Warrior gym coaching kids and adults, recreational athletes and competitive athletes. I’ve owned my own obstacle gym. And now I’m working on building my own coaching business! My passion is helping women optimise their health and fitness by working with their bodies’ monthly hormonal fluctuations. As well as helping women break free from yo-yo dieting to help them find confidence in their bodies, achieve their goals and have sustainable results.