About Elite Designs

My name is Jill Foster, the face of Elite Designs, which started in Swoyersville , PA at my dining room table early in 2022.
By the end of 2021, I felt like my life had plateaued at tired, divorced mom. It took me some time, but I eventually realized I was only tired because I was recovering from years of trauma and abuse and I needed an outlet to release all of my healing energy into.
I already had two amazing kids and found the love of my life, how could I possibly want more? Well, Elite Designs showed me exactly how I not only needed more but life was worth more and I deserved more.
I was giving nearly all of my mental and emotional energy as well as my waking hours to a full time job. It was taking me away from my family, my kids and most importantly taking me away from myself, for years. I needed to work, I wanted to love what I was doing and I had to know that whatever i did everyday to contribute to my household I was in pouring into the steam of life from my cup overflowing and not from pouring myself dry.
It was only then that I could birth a company to give others a part of me that I was given so freely, my best creativity.