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Human Design Readings

We become less magnetic as we move away from our true nature & innate purpose.
Human Design brings you back to self!

It is the science of how YOU are designed to exchange energy in this lifetime.
It is a wild experiment and a deep awakening of the self.

When making your booking, you must provide your EXACT birth date, time and location.
This is essential for an accurate reading.

My job, as your Human Design Reader, is to create a cohesive piece of guidance for you.

There are over 3 billion human design combinations…you are so bloody unique!
Let’s dive into your chart! 🌱


✨Innately Me✨
Open the doors to living an aligned life according to your design.

🌱Purpose & Impact🌱
Deep dive into your purpose in this lifetime.

🍁Nourish My Soul🍁
All of the juicy extras including Digestion, Environment, Motivations & Manifesting according to your design.
$99 as a stand-alone reading.
$65 if bundled with another reading.

These are all express readings, meaning you will receive them in your inbox within 7 days of making payment.
You will receive a Zoom recording of me going through your reading + a copy of your HD chart.

You will not be present for this reading but you are welcome to email me if you have any clarifying questions.

Swipe to watch me riffing about this fascinating system 👉

Elixir By Ellie

Riffing about Human Design and Tarot

Watch these videos to get a feel for my vibe and my services.
Full transparency baby!

What is Human Design