Offer to join The Awakened Woman

I have an intimate group program for women who have done quite a bit of searching and spirituality work already and they have an inner knowing that their healing is not complete.

Most spiritual women are incredibly self-aware and more than willing to explore inside themselves but they often have a feeling that something is missing and this keeps them addicted to soul searching.

The spiritual woman tends to go down the path of believing there is something wrong with her in her search for wholeness but what she really needs to do, to find wholeness, is to first realize there is nothing wrong with her at all. Guiding women through this process of uncovering their hidden beliefs on their path to wholeness is my area of expertise and this is exactly what we do in my 4-week online group program, The Awakened Woman.

The women who would get the best results from this program are spiritually aware and desire healing from triggers, trauma, and childhood wounds and this allows them to be more fully open to the mysteries, wonders, and beauty of life.

During our four weeks together you will receive all 4 video modules to study at your own pace, will have access to a live weekly group Q&A call (that will be recorded in case you miss it) and unlimited messenger/email/voxer support with me, Monday - Friday, to ask any questions you have about the content or to deep dive into any specific area of your life you are wanting to improve while maintaining lifetime access to all course materials.

We will work together during the 4 weeks on the following things:

1) Learning how to identify unconscious patterns and paradigms by developing an awareness of wounded energies as they manifest in yourself and others and how to use this recognition to embody empowered energies.

2) Understanding healthy relationship dynamics with others and, most importantly, yourself by learning the fundamentals of masculine and feminine energy and the law of polarity so that you can identify relationships that drain your energy or create drama.

3) Healing triggers by identifying core wounds that caused you to create a belief that there is something wrong with you and reparenting your lost inner child so that you can experience life from a place of emotional mastery and equanimity.

4) Learning the power of trust and surrender, of seeing the magic in every moment, and how to recognize “light dimmers” so you can now navigate life from a place of empowered wholeness.

These four things naturally allow a woman to stop the endless searching and finally live life from a place of ease and flow while being raptured in the beauty of each moment.

The program begins May 3, is reasonably-priced and I am offering an early enrollment discount for those who enroll by April 26. If this is something you’re interested in, send me a private message and I’ll ask you a few questions and we will see if this is the right fit.