our ingredients

why Monat?

• we are the first naturally based hair care line with clinically proven results.
• we have a scientific board of eminent professionals in medicine, cosmetics, science, health and haircare.

our products help to recover the hair’s youthful appearance by increasing its’ density, and boosting it’s growth. formulated by combining naturally based, safe, non-toxic, but effective ingredients.

our VIP program

what are the perks of becoming a VIP with us?

pay a one time membership fee of $19.99 & enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders above $60 AND 15% off retail price of ALL products for life! as well as a customized flexship order controlled by YOU!

and in each qualifying flexship order, you will receive a limited edition product that’s EXCLUSIVELY for VIP’s!

if you’re interesting in signing up for our VIP program, dm me ‘VIP info!’ on instagram & i will answer all of yours questions as soon as possible.

get started earning $ for yourself!

we’ve got your back from day one

when you take the leap to start your own business with us through Monat, you join a group of empowered & empowering women that are ready to help guide you through everything you need to be successful in this business. it’s completely up to you how much you work, when you work, how much $ you make, and if you ever even sell at all.

some perks of becoming an MP, or Market Partner, are:
- your own e-commerce store for easy ordering!
- 30% commission on retail sales, 15% commission on VIP customer sales
- access to all the materials needed to inform you about our business, our team, and your customers
- freedom to work from wifi 📲
- prizes and incentive trips in recognition of reaching your goals
- access to product packs within 30 days of enrolling

We are NOT a pyramid scheme:
We don’t require you to keep an inventory, or even require you to sell. You simply buy your business package, we give you products for YOU, you get results, and share your results! simple as that. How you share and WHY you share become your very own business and YOU become your very own boss. you are never ‘stuck behind’ anyone in this business and are able to outrank ANYone.

so what else are you waiting for? make the decision to invest in yourself & your life, alongside other amazing businesswomen. dm me ‘business info’ if you are & i will get back to you as soon as possible with all of the information on getting your business started with us.

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