Elizabeth Near

My Journey To Lose 100lbs

In March of 2021 I had hit 9 months of postpartum. I reached my heaviest weight of 283lbs. I felt lost and depressed.
Gratefully I came across this weightloss program called Optavia. Though I knew someone who had a good experience with it, I was a skeptic. I met my now coach Amanda, and signed up anyway!
When I tell you my weight started to drop within day 1 complete, the motivation kicked in and kept me going! I lost 30lbs before I found out I was pregnant again with baby girl #2!
Since baby Juliette has been born, I refuse to be held back by my weight resulting in high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, lack of energy, etc…God has blessed me with perfect health and I thank Him for bringing me to my knees. Standing me face to face with my lack of self-care before I had to go on medication. This is going to be a long journey, but I am looking forward to learning, growing and teaching my children healthier ways.
My goal through my social media platforms is to encourage and push you to want the same for yourself and your family. Taking care of yourself is so important if you want to live a long and happy life beside the ones you love most. Yes, it takes effort, but you ARE WORTH IT! Feel free to follow along my personal journey and dm me with any questions you might have or even just to share your struggles. I would love to be a listening ear💕!