Elizabeth Pierre - Miss Cambridge


Hi! I’m Liz!

I am a Haitian-American advocate, organizer, and explorer from Cambridge, MA.

As an aspiring social worker, I am passionate about empowering youth-led social change and promoting a more just world. When I am not working, you can catch me dancing, listening to music, or making videos for 72K of my new friends on Tik Tok.

Life as Liz is pretty interesting! Read more to learn about my goals and achievements as Miss Cambridge 2020! 👑


Being Miss Cambridge during a pandemic and a new age Civil Rights Movement has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Through every appearance and initiative, I have made it my duty to teach my neighborhood and beyond the importance of humanity, diversity, and empathy.


My social impact initiative is titled “ We Hear You: Empowering Youth Voices” and aims to highlight the ways our society overlooks, undervalues, and at times systematically undermines the power of our young people.

At its core, this initiative has two goals; (1) for young people to take active roles in political and societal engagement, and (2) for adults to manage their own power and consider young people to be agents of change. Because after all, if we continue to marginalize and silence our young people, we will continue to divide our communities along age groups, which can exacerbate other social relations based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, class, and religion. Ultimately, we will strip people of their humanity.

Our young people often have the ambition and idealism to do something about the injustice they see in the world, but they need our support. They need us to value them They need us to hear them.


As 2020 unfolded and the #BlackLivesMatter movement gained a worldwide audience following the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, I knew silence was not an option. Being that I am currently the only Black woman competing for the title of Miss Massachusetts 2021, I was aware that there were many people in this organization that did not understand my whole story - the ways in which I am both privileged and oppressed.

Due to the lack of representation, I made it my priority to speak to as many people as possible and share my experience as a Black titleholder and more importantly as a Black woman during this historical time. I have participated in a number of Instagram Live and podcast interviews when I spoke about the importance of not only diversity, but cultural competency.

It has been an honor talking to people in places like Texas, North Carolina and of course, right here in Cambridge about what justice means to me within the Miss America Organization and beyond.


Though I started my year of service passionate about youth empowerment and the #BlackLIvesMatter movement, the pandemic introduced a new passion of mine: Food Security.

Since the pandemic began, food insecurity in Massachusetts has more than doubled. Speaking with peers and other community organizers, I felt it was imperative that this was highlighted and addressed. In January I launched a community food and supply drive that raised over $500 and donated goods to 5 local organizations and mutual aid initiatives. I am was very thankful that so many people were able to empathize with our vulnerable populations and be part of making a change.

The drive is still running so if you would like more information on how to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 🥦

What else?

Along advocating for humanity, diversity, and empathy, I have been able to volunteer with over 15 local organizations both virtually and in person. The best part is meeting new people and hearing the stories they have to tell.

I have also been able to facilitate a "COVID and Equity Panel Discussion," with state representatives, raise over $200 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and stumble into become a viral content creator.

It has been an honor to share the Miss Boston Scholarship Organization and the Miss America Organization with audiences across the Commonwealth and across the nation.

Life as Miss Cambridge has been the best roller coaster yet and I can’t wait to see the view at the next peak! 🎢😉

With love,