Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Wife, millennial mom, entrepreneur and ER RN.

My life looked much different a few years ago—postpartum, alone in a new city & working full time opposite shifts of my husband just to make ends meet. But now? I’m living an altogether beautiful life!

I’m obsessed with becoming a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. I want to be so comfortable being myself that everyone else feels comfortable being themselves too. I empower women to love the skin they’re in so they too can design a life that’s altogether beautiful.

Thanks for joining me! I hope you stick around awhile.

Here’s a few things you should know about me

1. I love to learn! And I’m one of those weirdos that remembers all those random facts from school.
2. Enneagram 4 but I don’t believe my personality defines me. We are who we choose to be.
3. I strongly believe in reducing our chemical exposures. My job as an ER RN has convinced me that the majority of our health problems are a direct result of the chemicals in our environment.
4. I hate exercising at home. A boutique fitness studio is my jam.
5. I was a 4x state power lifter in high school.
6. I love meeting other likeminded mamas however as an introvert I’m easily worn out by too much social engagement.
7. I’m passionate about helping others design their altogether beautiful life.
8. The Gospel changes everything.


Why should you consider partnering with this vegan beauty brand?

Right now, we’re seeing a huge surge in women at all stages of life making a living and supporting their families with home based businesses. Social selling and paid influencers is now the way business is being done. The more I researched the options and understood passive income, residual income and multiple streams of income, the more I realized how important it was to link myself with a social selling company — but it had to be the right one. MONAT checked all my boxes!

MONAT is the first company of its kind to offer anti-aging hair care as a social selling brand. It’s also a debt free company which says a lot in today’s market. This also means a lower price point for the consumer and a higher compensation to the distributor (you).

The company’s culture is one of gratitude and giving back. Which is something that I place a lot of value in. How amazing is it to be able to bless someone’s life out of the overflow of my blessings?!

This business also fit seamlessly into my already busy life! As a working mom of 2 little ones, I fit this business into the nooks & crannies of my day. I found a way to monetize my social media and work when and where I want! Which is very different from always punching that time clock in the ER.

The products are award winning and are currently outselling top brands worldwide. They are also plant based, toxin free and leaping bunny certified so I can feel safe using them. And as a global brand, I have the opportunity to expand my business to other countries as well.

It’s also a consumable product and doesn’t ask anyone to change their buying habits or way of life. I don’t have to try and convince someone to use shampoo, it’s just a simple swap to something safer and more effective! There’s also no need to keep inventory, meet sales quotas, make required purchases or monthly fees which would’ve been a deal breaker for me!

Joining this company hasn’t just rewarded me financially, (although my husband and I have paid off nearly $45k in student loan debt in 2020) it’s given me a community that I had been longing for and the ability to be more present at home with my kids instead of punching that time clock every weekend. What would your life look like if you had more time and financial freedom?

The MONAT opportunity