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mama. wife. writer. immigrant. seminarian. former expat. feminist. poet. ethical adoption advocate. young living oiler. coffee snob. low-waste & eco friendly. diy’er. ice cream enthusiast. empath. forever philadelphian. a little bit hippie. bookworm. idealist. unabashedly millennial. loud laugher. chronic over-sharer. enneagram 1w2. part of the resurrection people. passionate about helping others live healthy + whole — mind, body and soul.

Let’s help Momo finish his house!

Please join me in sending love to Liberia!

It is my sincere prayer that our world will be full of people who remember — remember why they paint, why they write, why they preach, why they pray, why they teach, why they heal, why they help, why they build, why they parent, why they feed, why they plant, why they create, why they study, why they do anything that is good and and right and true. We need more people living out what they were born to do, people loving their neighbor through the works of their hands. It’s the only thing that matters in the end.

My heart comes alive when I’m with my children. When I kiss my husband. When I scribble prayers in notebooks and hear the still small voice. When I’m near water. When I chat with people and hear their hearts. When I can help others remember their belovedness. When I’m at home in my body. When I see justice and participate in change.

If that’s you too, let’s chat.

My Young Living Journey

In the summer of 2019, I bought my Young Living Premium Starter Kit — admittedly a bit on a whim, partially to see what the hype was about. And I fell in love. Hard.

I started just by diffusing: at bedtimes, mainly, or after a hard day. I immediately noticed a change in the quality of sleep we were getting and how quickly our moods were changed simply by smelling Stress Away (which yes, is exactly as heavenly as it sounds!)

Since then, I’ve used them for digestive support, for a chest rub when my kids are sick, for hormonal support, to help with emotions, for relief when I’m knocked out with head tension. I’ve made some out-of-this-world peppermint mochas with my vitality oils, switched out most of our regular household products to be toxin-free, and learned so, so much about our bodies & the science behind how oils can help us work. And I’ve gained a community of fellow oilers who are the truest, kindest, build-one-another-up-instead-of-tearing-others-down friends I’ve ever known. I’ve ranked up and started a business simply by sharing about these little bottles of plant goodness that have changed my life.

In 2019, I didn’t know any of this. I just wanted to see what oils could do for me and my family. And I am so very glad I did. If you’re ready to join us, I’d love to hold your hand while you embark on the most amazing journey. We’re in this together.