I'm so happy you're here!

Here is my story

Hello! My name is Ella. I am from a small town in WI. I have lived here my entire life. I work in housekeeping in a major resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI. The job I am currently at is my very first job I have ever had! I have been here for 16 years working both partime and fulltime working through high school ans college. Yea I know crazy! But my family is here. I am an only child so I am extreamly close with my parents. Plus finding a corporate job here is hard. Wisconsin Dells is a tourist filled town. Most of the jobs here are customer service derived.

I recently decided it was time to dream bigger and do more to make myself the person I had dreamed of. I made an online busienss at age 31.

My first goal was to make extra money with this business. But now it has turned into a path of self development, goal setting and helping other people reach their own true potential.

Change is hard for me. I am sure some of you are in the same boat. But since starting this business I have become more confident and started to dream bigger.

This business is much more than haircare, skincare or wellness. This business means friends, support, a goal, an opportunity to make my life a dream.

Now who's with me?

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