About me

What do I love ?

If you did not know I am in love with performing !! My favourite thing to do is sing, dance and act !! Since I was young I have been doing it !! I have done many shows which include : singing with Robbie Williams, Joseph and his technicolour dream coat, Disney land Paris, multiple shows in London, operas and many more !!

I also love drag !! I love attending drag shows so much because they are all amazing performers and so entertaining!! I love makeup and fashion too !!

I am also a big history geek so I love to learn about history and also visit museums and things !! I also love to write !!

As many of you know I am also Wiccan which is a form of witchcraft, it is about being the best version of yourself and causing no harm to others around you !! It consists of many things but at the moment I am practicing tarot card reading and crystal work !!

My top picks

My top picks for you !!

My favourite films

I have many films that I love !! However I do have a few favourites !! First of all the Harry Potter Films are my absolute favourite and I could not possibly choose my favourite one !! Another one of my favourites films is Lolita, people tend to romanticise this film but that is not the reason I love it, I love it because it is so beautifully made and it is such an interesting film !!

Favourite songs

I have many favourites songs and I will list them below !!
Training wheels - Melanie Martinez
Tag your it - Melanie Martinez
Lolita - Lana Del Rey
Carmen - Lana Del Rey
27 club - Adore Delano

Favourite places to shop

Lazy Oaf
Urban outfitters
Top Shop
Vintage shops