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Feel Serene. Be in Your Natural Habitat.

Be it during leisure or slumber, having pure contentment in it alters our way of life. Combine an unfavorable climate with stiff, scratchy sheets. What do you get? A whole bed experience ruined! It was at a little bedroom corner in the Philippines where the hot, stifling and humid air disperses around its four walls and immediately strikes even after a cool shower. Even reading a book or unwinding could not be savored. We just had to seek for something to combat this feeling, fulfill activities during the day and have restful sleep at night. Until we stumbled upon the idea fixated on our bed, the core element of the bedroom – to design beddings that could help you breathe and meant to be for everyone at a reasonable cost– that was when Ellyce came to existence. We have found what we were looking for in naturally sourced bamboo.

We are dedicated to provide sustained quality and comfort with just the fabric touching your skin – yes, it is at this moment when it makes a huge difference. You’ll know it when you touch it. Creating a snug space where you get to nourish your well-being wholly. Contributing to the occurrence of deep sleep and dreaming. We truly want to share our experience with you as we travel around the Philippines and take it globally. By focusing on inner self and preservation, we get to enrich our existence hand in hand.

Feel Serene. Be in Your Natural Habitat.

Wait, Bamboo What?

Our Ellyce sheets are crafted with 100% natural bamboo viscose fabric that meets the OEKO-TEX® Standard in the textile industry. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable resources on earth and requires less water to grow. It is harvested in a greener manner as compared to common fabrics. The fibers are then crushed to extract the pulp and dissolved into a safer solution to conserve our environment. After drying out, it is separated and spun into ultimately soft threads. And finally, woven to produce amazing bamboo sheets.

Adjusts your body’s temperature accordingly as it warms you up as when it’s cold and cools you off as your temperature increases throughout the night.

Moisture wicking
Allows the moisture released by your body such as sweat to flow through micro gaps of the bamboo fiber and evaporates instead of getting soaked into the fabric (the trapped moisture leaves you feeling damp and muggy). In fact, it wicks moisture and heat two times faster than cotton!

Allergens like pollens, dust mites, bed bugs and molds are not seen under the naked eye, and our pillows and mattresses are their dwelling. The fibers from bamboo make it resistant to these allergens making you confident in your sleep and ideal for sensitive skin.

Bamboo plant in itself is anti-microbial with zero requirements of pesticides and is resistant to pathogens. Preventing bacteria and microbes to sprout, benefiting acne prone skin. Lessening unwanted odors and boosting freshness.

With its softness and luxurious silk-like texture, utmost relaxation is assured. It is time to welcome less frizzy hair and better quality of life and sleep.

You can strongly depend on it given its resiliency as compared to cotton.

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Let's Count the Threads, Shall We?

Thread count by definition is the number of threads woven crosswise in a square inch of the fabric.

Well too much of anything could bring more flaws than good, similar to thread counts. This is a valuable guide to gauge your beddings’ overall quality. Extremely higher thread counts not only have enormous price tags but could also have more fusions of lower quality fabrics. Excessively lower thread counts indicates rougher and cheaper fabrics.

“The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tests bed sheets for fabric strength, pilling resistance, shrinkage, and more, then dozens of consumer testers rate them in a blind comparison for softness and overall feel. In the tests, top-rated bed sheets often have thread counts between 300 and 500. Anything above 500 isn’t necessarily better” – goodhousekeeping.com

Our sheets were constructed to have a thread count of 400TC, making it a guaranteed satisfaction. But of course, don’t just consider the thread count. Fabric material and process also influences quality; and with fiber, having longer and finer threads would mean less pilling and effortlessly softer to the touch.

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