I’ve been locked out of my account

Hi guys, I’ve been locked out of my account with no way to get back in, I’ve contacted Instagram but I doubt they’ll do anything about it.

I really wish I was able to say goodbye or at least get a heads up from Instagram that I might get locked out but I didn’t which really sucks :(
I don’t have my phone number that is attracted to my slime account anymore and I never thought I would have to change it so it looks like I’ll be locked out forever :(
I can’t check my notifications on my slime account either and I can’t log out as well which is kinda annoying because now I can’t get rid of the notifications that are showing up when I go to change accounts (if you know what I mean).
I’m so sorry but this is out of my control.
I love you guys so much and I’m so sorry this has happened.
If you haven’t updated your phone number and email that’s attached to your account DO SO NOWW so you don’t end up like me.

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