!Hola! and Bienvenidos, my name is Elvia.

Created with a special understanding of your unique identity and values, each week this site features the hottest trending strategies for the like-minded, achieving and aspiring entrepreneurs. I serve YOU because I know what it feels like to become disconnected and lost with all of the online noise. This connection prevents YOU from sharing YOUR authentic true self.

After I earned my MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from CLU School of Management, someone said to me, “Wow, you just wasted four years of college for a degree you can never use.” My response was simple and without mincing words, I told the person in a reply, “It took me seven years, GRACIAS.”

I’m a wife, Mamá, daughter, sister, Tia and friend. My favorite pastimes are a good read (spiritual or developmental), barre workout classes, hot yoga, long prayer walks on the beach, a delicious green salad (preferred with lots of avocados) and cooking CLEAN authentic Mexican food. My favorite green food items are peas, micro greens, spinach (all day), did I mention avocados? I only eat thin crust PIZZA!

Most importantly I am an advocate for the brightness and brilliance to be found in the life of a latina and Mamá. I dedicate myself to this life every day as one to my daughter, Penélope Rosa.

I’m the newest Mamá on the block, the first generation within my family to use technology to seamlessly blend work and life. Not long out of college, I am facing many firsts: marriage, babies, jobs, and even entrepreneurialism.

Hyper-connected and beyond tech savvy world is both physical and virtual, bringing social connection and life-skills management as close as a computer or cell phone. I’ve busted out of previous generations’ isolation challenges during those early, tethered-to-the-house years. You’ll find me plugged into social networking sites, sharing worries, excitements, and ideas with my online audience.

If you are like me and have that entrepreneurial spirit and are looking for a work-from-home business, dm me directly and I'd be happy to share with you the path I have chosen.

To learn more about me, follow my IG it's simply a documentation of my life. Salud!