Elysian.Atlas ♡︎

All About Me!!

Hi! I’m Atlas! 🌿


I’m a non-com age regressor! I use they/he pronouns!


☉Virgo ☽ Aries ↑ Aries
(You can also add me on costar @aloadai.doe!)

I’m a practicing witch, & a Hellenic Polytheist! ✨
I’ve been practicing for four years now, though I’ve passively studied for years! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


My favourite colours are grey, blue, green, and neutral tones! & My favourite animals are Moths, Deer, Corvids, and Badgers!!


I love music, (underground indie & mathrock are my favorites,) and especially listening to stuff people have recommended me! I’m always down to make recommendations as well!


I’m engaged, but I would love to make friends!

Guidelines for Messaging Me!

Anyone can DM me, as long as you follow my DNI!! But here are some Do’s & Dont’s and general guidelines for interacting with me!


♡ ︎Introduce yourself!!
♥︎ Ask me questions
♡︎ Send me memes, posts, music, or things that make you happy!
♥︎ Reply to my story!!
♡︎ Tag me in YOUR story!! I love water/self care/plushie checks!

Do Not:
♡︎ Only say ‘Hi’/‘Hey’/‘HRU’/‘WYD.’
That’s dull as hell, and I’m awkward! I never really know how to respond if that’s all you say to begin a conversation, especially if I don’t know you.
♥︎ Use babytalk!
I often have trouble understanding it, and frankly, it makes me uncomfortable if I don’t know you!
♡︎ Ask to be my cg/little.
No explanation necessary. That’s weird.
♥︎ Attempt to start drama/gossip.
♡︎ Spam me!
A few messages is fine, but too many and I’ll get overwhelmed! That’s when I tend not to respond.
♥︎ Ask to be my friend.
Asking to be my friend and then not saying anything after that is, again, dry as hell. Let the conversation come naturally!
♡︎ Vent in Tell/DM’s without asking first.
If you need someone to talk to, I’m here, but PLEASE ask first. I’m not always in the headspace to hear that myself.

Thank you for reading this far!! Please DM me this codeword if you agree to follow my DNI & Interaction policies.

Codeword: Artemis