Virtuous Women of God

Hey gals,
Lately, I've been inspired to start writing a blog. I guess my main goal is to help Christian young women, like myself, to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and to find joy in the simple things of life!
Much love, God bless!

My Life! Iced Coffee, Christmas Shopping, and Romance Novels!

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Hey guys,

I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to journaling, but sometimes I get inspired. Tonight my inspiration's iced coffee! I legit looooove iced coffee. Am I the only one who thinks warm coffee is nothing compared to it? 😂

Anyway, me and my sisters were out christmas shopping tonight, and we literally purchased nothing! I've gotta say, shopping with a mask on sucks! 🥵 On the way home, though, we couldn't resist a coffee and a cookie! The best part of the whole evening I do believe!

On a more positive note, I always love the chance to spend time with my family. Christmas is one of my favorite seasons, for the simple reason that if brings friends and family together in a spirit of love and unision. Isn't there just something beautiful about Christmas carols playing softly, cinnamon candles burning, and warm cups of cocoa around a roaring fire? That's pretty much my definition of a perfect winter's evening!

Well, I'm gonna go and start on of the romance novels my sis gave me! I'm a real sucker for those kinda books. Especially western ones! Janette Oke is my all time favorite writer! On that note, team Nathan or Team Lucas?

Much love, xx

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