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I am Shreya. I am a teen with a passion for writing. I love writing my heart out in the form of short fictional and non-fictional stories. I don’t consider myself as a great writer so if you ever find any mistake in my story then please share it with me so my stories become flawless :)
I will share the link to my story every week ( most possibly I won’t forget)
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Chapter - 1


You will be Melaine in the story. Your brother and mother will be Shane and Lily respectively

Melaine : I am really tired of changing schools. Is it important for me and mom to come with you ? Like , can’t you live alone?
Melaine’s thoughts : I know I am behaving in a really obnoxious way but I just can’t help it . I have relocated around twelve times in these sixteen years and I am just tired of changing schools . Out of those twelve houses we moved into , nine times were due to dad’s transfer and three times due to my scholarships. It’s just exhausting .
Shane : No , you will -
Melaine’s thoughts : Before Shane could complete his sentence the door went bang open and my mom was standing at the door completely wet , her eyes looked really puffy and red .
Lily ( mother ) : Your dad’s plane crashed due to turbulence and really bad weather and only one hostess could survive. All the others where either burned or drowned in the sea they crashed in.
Melaine’s thoughts: The earth beneath my feet slip . I was starting to feel dizzy and tears ran down my eyes.

To be continued
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