Decked Halls? Done! ✅

Christmas Decor finally completed

Christy’s Main Tree

Country Rustic with natural accents

Jasmine’s Main Tree

All that Glitters is Gold!

Eme’s Playroom Tree

Save the Drama for your Llama

Jo’s Playroom Tree

Pretty Pretty Princess

EmeJo & Co Tree Decorating Contest Results

It’s a Tie!... so apparently we have even more in common and our tries turned out looking almost the exact same 🤔... always next year!

Making Spirits Bright...

... Mommy & Me Style

Meet the Teams!

Team Mama llama

Strengths: Decor Divas

Weakness: determining whose the boss

Team Princess Power

Strengths: having a good time

Weaknesses: Easily distracted by glitter

The Rules

✨Team must decorate two trees

✨1 living room tree which mommy will have final say

✨ 1 playroom tree which daughter must choose the theme and have final say

✨ Blind judging will be by family and friends on 11/27

DIY Christmas Decor

Sleeps Until Christmas Countdown

Repurpose household items to DIY Christmas Decor to fit your style and budget.

To high to buy

I saw this Christmas countdown at Target and thought it was adorable! My husband kindly reminded me of If I continue to buy Christmas decor I would run out of dough to put anything under the tree.

How I made my own

Step 1: found a piece of old wood in the garage. This piece came from a broken shelf that I saved. Then i sanded it down and used a screw driver to scratch it up.

Step 2

I painted the entire board with white, gray and black to look like wood. The cut out a stencil and used chalkboard paint to make a design.

Final Product

Ta da! It may be a little early to start counting down to Christmas, but I love how it turned out and it cost $0!

Went to Home Depot to get a Christmas Tree

... left with Olive Trees

We are both totally over our current Christmas decor and wanted a revamp.... What followed was a completely random impulse purchase that proved to be a more complicated undertaking. Wish us luck!

What we want in our dream tree

✨at least 9 ft tall
✨quick set up
✨natural and realistic
✨ micro dot led lights.... didn’t even know this existed, but now that we’ve seen it we’re obsessed!!!

Wrong Tree

Since our dream tree didn’t match or dream price, we decided to browse the rest of the store. Sitting in a dark little corner were two lonely sad olive trees just waiting for someone to give them a good home.🥺

So planting a tree is kind of a lot of work!

Finally got it in the ground! Now to do some research to figure out how to grow an olive tree 😬.... wish us luck! This time next year hopefully we can have a Greek salad!!!

We had a VILLAIN Slumber Party

... and you should too!

When was the last time you had a good ‘ole fashion slumber party?!? With the girls missing out on this special right of passage during COVID we hosted a small mother/daughter slumber party with close relatives. We had so much fun and might need to make it an annual Halloween tradition!

See below for some tips to host your very own Villain themed Slumber Party!

Make your Own Pizza bar!

We got all the fixings and each person got to make their own custom pizza 🥰. The girls loved ‘cooking’ and no one had to compromise on toppings!

Matching Jammies!

We got matching mother/daughter Disney villain nightgowns. We never need an excuse for a full mommy and me moment, but this was a party favor that can be used over and over again!

Movies! 🍿

We watched The girls’ favorite Descendants to match the Disney Villain theme, then watched Bring It On! Cause no slumber party in the 00’s was complete with out it! 🤣🥰😂

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Get to know the team!

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Eme & Jo are two mini bosses in training who love dance, makeup, bows, and anything that sparkles!

Meet the Co.

We’re Christy & Jasmine, two sister in laws with too much in common. We love party planning, travel and home decor.

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