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hi my name is evelyn and this is my milkshake website! Here you can get to know a little bit about me and here will be some stuff on here.

My name is Evelyn and i am a fan of emery bingham, I have a fanpage for her called evelynmilkshake right now but soon I will change it to emerycakery.

I have known Emery since 2017 but I became a fan of her since April 2020! Emery is my favourite youtuber and I am super thankful and grateful that she has noticed me and followed me on my account <3

facts about me!
- i have been a fan since April 2020 (like I said lol)
- me and emery are quite similar
- my birthday is april 24th
- my favourite singers are melanie martinez and ariana grande
- i like online shopping
- im kinda short

facts about emery

here are some fun facts about emery :)

facts about emery!
- she is 14 years old
- her birthday is may 14th
- she was born Normandy Park, Washington State, United States and now lives in Los Angeles
- she does home school
- she has a sister called monroe
- her mom manages her YouTube channels
- she has met ariana before
- she has been to a ariana concert before
- she is a big fan of ariana
- she started her channel in 2014


fun fact about emery

emery said that she wants to be a singer when she groups and song writer, despite the fact she doesn’t want to be a youtuber, she still posts some vlogs and videos for her fans.


super fact about emery

once on a live stream, emery answered comments asking if she was lactose intolerant, when emery was younger, lactose intolerant was very common to run in her family, which was the reason why emery thought she is lactose intolerant. Even thought emery is not.

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shocking fact about emery

when emery was 11 years old, she began to lose a lot of weight and had to go hospital and be put on medication for five days.

who is emery bingham?

emery bingham is a singer, actor, and model, she has modelled for zulily and has been recently sponsored by ROMWE, emery bingham has rose to fame and is a lovely person, she has a huge fan base and is very hard working, she posts videos and publishes songs. She has a sister called Monroe and is famous. She use to post skits and funny videos. Make sure to subscribe to Emery because she is amazing <3

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  3. the big man

  4. tell me why

  5. being myself

  6. kings

  7. triggers

emery merch!

merch from emery you can get!

here is some merch by emery you can get! just remember, I AM NOT EMERY, I am not trying to be her, I do not work with her. I’m just recommending stuff you can get if you’d like to buy from Emery.

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Thanks so much for reading on and clicking on my milkshake website! I do not know if that many people will but yeah