About Me

I'm Emma, I'm a wife, a mum to two gorgeous children and two perfect pooches!

Last year, I made the decision that I wasn't going to stay "stuck". I've always known that I wanted more, I wanted to be free from the everyday struggles and of feeling like I wasn't doing what I was meant for. So I started going to college, I reduced my hours at work to allow more time with my children, and here I am now! Studying hard to become a certified therapist in massage and holistic therapies, while working with an incredible skincare brand and incorporating my studies into helping people with their own wellbeing journey.

I'm obsessed with crystals, meditation, and anything that can help myself and others own their life and live the best way possible!

And I can help you too! ✨

Tropic Skincare

It's natural, it works, it's amazing!

When I first tried this brand, I was skeptical. I had used other brands that had claimed the world and nothing had done what I really needed it to. My face was covered in spots (those great bug painful ones that you just can't get rid of) So I filled my cart with an "ABC Collection" totally feeling like I was about to waste my money...yet again.

It arrived, it was packaged in the most beautiful way, I opened them up and was blown away. These products actually work, and I'm proof!

The infinite purpose of Tropic is "to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world"

And just like that...I found my new skincare saviours. I decided to parter with Tropic to recommend them to everyone that I know!

Have a nosey. You won't regret it 🌴