freak for fashion

a fashion major on a student budget

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where I studied all things fashion. While in college, I got a job at Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Dr. where I quickly fell in love with high end fashion.

Just one problem.. I couldn’t afford it all. I began researching brands and diving into how I could invest in timeless pieces that gave me the expensive look I wanted while not blowing all my income on clothing.

The solution for me was expensive accessories paired with affordable clothing! Through my instagram, I share tips on how to style high-end looks on a not-so-high budget!

let’s talk products

keep the cute packaging, i’m here for the results

How many times a day do you look at your hair?! For as long as I can remember, my hair was my biggest insecurity. Not only was it soooo thin that it couldn’t even hold a curl, it NEVER grew!

I started clipping in my own hair extensions in 6th grade and as soon as I got a big-girl job, I was paying for permanent hair extensions. This was my life and a huge chunk of where all my money went until a friend introduced me to the products that changed it all.

Not only are they plant based, tailored to every hair type and cheaper than salon brands.. they actually work!!!

After 9 years of wasting money on every product under the sun and paying to have someone else’s hair sewn into my head, I found my forever brand!


never too many streams of income

So you know I love to shop, and you know my 9-5 wasn’t enough to support the life I want to live. Well, that’s why I chose to start a second stream of income.

You’re already on social media, monetize it. You’re already telling everyone about that new product you’re obsessing over, make commission off of it. You’re already trying to expand your friend group, do it with like-minded people.

Working from your phone is an opportunity that everyone has, but not one that many take advantage of. If taking your job anywhere you want and working on your time, when it works best for YOU sounds nice, this could be for you!

DM me about it!