About Me

Do you ever feel like you've got the biggest plans, like bigger-than-life-plans, and can so clearly see the end but have NO IDEA how you get there or where you even start?

If so...wanna feel that together?

I'd love to use this blog as an informal way of helping everyone and anyone I can in that feeling of confusion and transition that occurs so often in our lives. I'm not perfect neither is my advice, grammar, or presentation but I hope it'll be a starting point for you. Thank you so much for all the love and support thus far, I'm so excited to give this thing a (Gunn) shot! --if you thought I could write an Intro without a pun, you were dead wrong.

In The Thick of It


I read self help books like college freshman drink 4 lokos- aggressively until I can’t no-mo’. What I can promise you about this blog is that I’m no expert like any of them. I haven’t mastered getting in sync with the wavelengths of positivity or whatever.

But I’m trying.

And I think that’s a crucial point that they missed. They tell stories of how they achieved a more positive, fulfilling, (mostly) fuck-up-free life and they usually hit how it started, the tools they used, and their outlook currently. (WHICH IS GREAT!! Don’t get me wrong, I love these books) But what if I took you through the ugly parts? What if I showed you live action me actively getting my shit together? What if you saw that it’s OKAY to have bad days in the thick of getting better?

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My Summer Bucket List Fail

Finding Purpose In Imperfections

If you’re like me, you’re a YUGE fan of lists. I make lists for just about every aspect of my life; from grocery shopping to weekly objectives, bullet points guide my Gunn-ways.

Before it was even warm enough to wear shorts, I made a summer bucket list for 2019. I rattled off hopeful aspirations like “read three books (or more!)” and “bring mile time down by 2 minutes.” The list practically spilled onto 3 separate pages. Being someone who LOVES growing in as many directions as humanly possible, my bucket list largely revolved around ways I could be better.

But we all know how this July version of a New Years Resolutions ended- life happened. I lost the list in a mountain of clothes and shoes and didn’t think twice about anything on it; It became a mere daydream I’d had when “free time” was still part of my vocabulary.

Until today

Today I found that list and with one glance I knew there was no way I’d completed anything on it. Not only was I ashamed, I was deeply disappointed in myself. “I’m supposed to be using this time out of classes to grow,” I thought to myself. I shoved the list back into my purse and it hit me. I WAS growing. Maybe not in the ways I’d wanted to, but if I’d been accomplishing the bullet points on my bucket list there would’ve been no time to accomplish the huge things I DID do this summer. If I had created 5 new projects for my art portfolio, I would have never written a press release for a multimillion dollar global company. If I had had 10 photo shoots, I may not have had time to go enjoy every moment of vacation. If I had made 3 new friends, I probably wouldn’t have had time to focus on deepening my current relationships.

You will NEVER miss an opportunity that is made for you, because THATS JUST IT- it was made FOR YOU. It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking about the things we didn’t get to do, like study abroad, work at that cool company, spend quality time with friends and family. Try flipping your attention to recognizing and honoring the experiences you DID have, I promise you won’t regret it.

My Top Picks

How To Be A More Positive Person

To spread positivity and love, you need to start with yourself. Here are some of my recommendations for getting into a positive mindset that will allow you to radiate warmth and grow your success.

Read Up On Positivity

Want to get into the right mind set without doing *all* the thinking yourself? Take it from an expert- Ms. Rachel Hollis! This book is my favorite but really just any book by this wonderful woman does the trick if you need a little more badass in your life.

Make A Mood Board

You manifest what you believe and are constantly being influenced by what you surround yourself by- why not make a visual board packed with reminders of your goals, vibes, and motivation!?

Understand You’re Not Perfect

Let’s be honest, when you’re not at your best...you can sorta be a jerk. We all do it. Nobody’s expecting you to be some zen guru who has all the answers and wears a smile in their sleep. But that also doesn’t mean you can’t get closer to that.

Understand this above anything though, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT ANDDDD YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I, myself, am actively fighting to get closer to that everyday. You can read about my journey on my blog using the link below!


Get your body moving and grooving ASAP Rocky!! Test out your local gyms, see what works for you. Are you more into cardio or strength training? Do you work out better alone or with a buddy or even a group? What time of day works best for your schedule and your body? Starting is the hardest part, but trust me...having a work out plan in your week will make it SIGNIFICANTLY less shitty (and hence, give you the space and ability to be more positive)

More Coming Soon!