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A little about me: I am 29 years young. Turning the BIG 3-0 this year. I just recently got engaged to my best friend. He is truly the epitome of a stand up man and I am so lucky to have found him in this crazy world. We are working on saving up for the big day in the Fall of 2022.

About 4 years ago I “attempted” an online business and failed. I didn’t put the effort in when I needed to and I was just in a really bad spot in life, lacking confidence in myself and just feeling overall not worth a whole heck of a lot. The biggest thing that I faced was a lack of a WHY. What was I really fighting for? Why did I have to do this business? —no one was depending on me and I could just easily slip away and no one would notice. All the people watching me watched me fail. —-Man that was tough. Please learn from my mistakes and never give up on yourself. You are worth a whole heck of a lot more than to work for someone else and set your dreams to the side. Imagine where I would be if I stayed on track with the business?

Since that time, I have switched jobs, gotten engaged and really worked on my self-esteem and confidence. I feel that I am at a point where my WHY actually means something. I have a WHY! I want to be able to pay off my credit card debt, student loans, save for our wedding and be able to finish furnishing our house. #adulting over here. But also, I want to own my own time, work for myself and just be FREE!

Weddings aren’t cheap y’all! Mix that in with credit card debt and student loans and we have a big ole debt cocktail 🍷

When your life literally depends on how hard you work, you push and do whatever it takes to become successful and meet the goals you have set out for yourself. Let me help you!

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