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Hey everyone! My name is Emily! I am a college student who gets to travel the world while I study and work - from my phone! I am an entrepreneur, my own boss, working my own terms (so a dream come true, right?!) I get to be apart of something bigger than myself, change peoples lives, travel, work wherever and whenever I choose, and let’s not forget about getting paid every Friday!! I help give women confidence in their hair and even join my side in this team!

I enjoy traveling any free time I have (ask me where I’ve been I’ll gladly give you countless stories or just swipe), I love to dance 💃🏻 am a huge cat lover 😻 and did I mention I’m a caffeine junkie when it comes to any and all coffee ☕️ keep swiping to the right to learn some more about me ;)

My fave places on Earth

(So far)

Five continents, fifteen countries and counting and these are the best moments so far :)


Phuket, Phi Phi islands, Phang Nga Bay, you must do ALL OF IT. But it all seriousness this is by fair the cheapest (except the plane ticket obvi) and best vacation I’ve ever done and hands down would go back


This landlocked, third world country isn’t thought of as an “omg let’s go there” place but it’s capital, Luang Prabang is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is so full of culture it’s astounding. When there you MUST go to the Kuang Si Falls. I’ve never been anywhere more beautiful than Asia and this place is so peaceful it’s truly breathtaking


Not even going to argue this one because I grew up and lived here for 2 years and I am biased af 🇪🇸 but truly Catalonia and Spain are both wonderful places I will always be able to call my home.

South Africa

I’ve never seen a place more diverse than here and living here for a month was a true eye opener and our world as a whole. This is a place you just have to appreciate

I want YOU to travel with me - are you in?

Shoot me a DM for more info on how to work with me and travel while you’re at it!