sis, you are next 💗


are we building an empire, or nah?

I am SO glad you are here 🥰

Most of you all know me as Emily Kolilias, but I wanted to open up and share more than just my name! Also, a little fun fact to start off with, is that my birth-certificate actually has my name in Greek (Αμαλία) “Amalia”, which translates to Emily! 🇬🇷

I am a First Generation American and incredibly proud to be a U.S. Citizen! My Dad is from Greece and my mom is from England, so let’s just say, I have a lot of European in me (but definitely have more of the Mediterranean blood - thanks, Dad! 😍)

I have two amazing sisters, (I am the middle child) who are both nurses, and who inspire me each and everyday! And I can’t forget that I am a dog mommy to my little mini goldendoodle named, Winnie 🐶💗

Growing up, my parents taught my sisters and I the importance of working hard, having a strong work ethic, and more importantly, to never give up! I was VERY competitive growing up, and not necessary with others, but with myself. I was always striving to constantly grow and step outside of my comfort zone, whether it would be going to a different high school than all of my friends, running track & field instead of dancing competitively, or going out of state to a smaller, private college (Go Deacs! 🎩); I always wanted to be somewhat different and try something new!

These life decisions, were NEVER easy! I would always have to tell myself that I needed to be comfortable with being uncomfortable if I wanted to grow! I always had to push past the fear of what others were going to say about me, the fear that I was making the wrong decision, the fear that a wrong move was going to lead to “social suicide” - but guess what? I pushed past all the negative thoughts and the “what if” mindset, and had some of the BEST experiences in my life!

This next journey of mine, is an opportunity that I have never experienced before, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared or have some fear that I am going to fail. But the reality is, I tell myself everyday, that I am going to have a positive attitude and manifest my BIG dreams!! I am not going to sleep on this business opportunity for myself, and I am certainly not going to miss out on changing others people’s lives too! I have the best support system both personally and professionally, and it’s time to thrive!

✨ Let me mentor and coach you and provide you with all the learning materials to help you become just as successful
✨ Let me guide you to the BEST hair and skincare products
✨ Let me help you gain new leadership skills, financial freedom, and a strong work ethic
✨Let me challenge you to grow and become the best version of yourself
✨ Let this business transform your life, the way that it did for me



Self Reminder: we all start with zero followers, zero clients and zero idea what we are doing! stop being afraid and let us guide you! so what are your waiting for?!