This is Me ✨

Sharing love, confidence and helping others reach their full potential.💫

I am 26 years young, born and raised in the very humid West Palm Beach heat. I currently moved to Alabama to attend USA as a full time university student trying to obtain my Bachelors as a Surgical Nurse.

My journey started a year ago, and to be honest I was actually the most skeptical person in the world. It took me over five months to finally budge and decide “what’s the worst that can happen? better hair?”

Little did I know that just a few weeks after this decision was made, I started seeing true results with my hair!
I completely started to get obsessed with the progress and little by little I started reaching out to others who I knew would be able to benefit from these products not only appearance wise but completely change their current financial situations.

Living my life on my own terms in my mid 20’s and helping others achieve their financial goals . When I started my business a year I was a full time worker, full time student with no prior marketing or advertising experience, with no clue how to run a business but here I am still thriving so why can’t you?

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