About me

A lot of you don’t know much about me

I started in the Graphic Design world about 4 years ago, my junior year of high school. When I first started, I absolutely hated it. My second year in Graphic Design came, and I loved it.

Over the course of four years, I’ve won awards at SkillsUSA and MITES. I’ve worked with a few small businesses and a huge theme park called Cedar Point. I’ve also created are for myself.

My plan is to soon end up in LA after I’m done with school and figure myself out financially. Thank you all for following my page and joining the ride!

Sending nothing but positive vibes your way,
Emily Rae


Communication is key.

I’ve recently started an internship at a local company and dear lord I love it so much. The past 3 days I have been working on all of their social media posts for them (something I have never ever done before) I thought my work looked so good, and my boss even told me it was great, but there was a but.

She explained how my designs weren’t exactly what she wanted. I figured this out right before I left. I felt horrible about the experience. I was thankful she appreciated my work, but I hated how there was some kind of miss communication.

Lesson learned? I learned to ask questions. Though you know and understand what you’re doing.. ask lots and lots and lots of questions! Communication is key!

Below is some color swatches I found and would love to add into some design work I’ve been doing there. It’s hard jumping from school/freelance work into a big business.