Emily Judice

Hi Friend! So glad we can connect!

I’m Emily! 👋🏼 Wife and mama to 4 littles. My heart is full when educating women on the importance of nutrition and exercise.

FASTer Way with Emily J

It’s no secret food can be tricky, right?
That’s where I come in. Ever wish there was a way to reach your health and fitness goals with realistic and effective measures that are sustainable?⁣

Friend, please know there is a way.
YOU can achieve:⁣

⚡️more energy ⁣
🥦health & wellness ⁣
🌮Lots of actual yummy food⁣
📏Sustained lost inches and pounds ⁣
🍭Kicking the processed food, fast food and sugar addiction⁣
🍳Viewing food as fuel ⁣

There is A LOT of misinformation out there, and diet culture and fad diets have brainwashed so many into thinking restriction, deprivation, exercising for hours, cutting out food groups (aka carbs) and relying on supplements is the only way to reach your goals.

I offer a 6 week program that utilizes whole food nutrition and 30 minute workouts to give you sustainable results while turning your body into a fat burning machine! It provides nutrition coaching and meal guides as well as workouts and education on food so you can learn why making better food choices NOW is so important for your hormones, your metabolism and your overall health in the future. The community, support and accountability that comes with the FASTer Way program is what my clients find most valuable.

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-Have no idea what it is?

-Have 0 energy, you are addicted to sugar, and you need help breaking it?

-Are on the borderline of a disease like hypertension or diabetes?

-Just want to feel confident in a swimsuit or shorts this summer?

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What is FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

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The Judices —

Meet the 5 loves of my life

Trev: The first love. The smartest and hardest worker I know. A jack of ALL trades and master of ALL, too. He is our security and stability. By day, he does oil & gas boss things and by night he carpools to baseball, bathes children, cooks, cleans and he 100% vacuums more than me. We really hit the jackpot with him. Especially me. ❤️

Henry: 9 years old. The leader of our pack. Obedient, old soul, the biggest helper, intelligent, loves to read and all things Harry Potter.

Camden: 7 years old. My silly, joke loving boy. The comedian. Loves to joke, entertain and full of charisma.

Amelia: 3 years old. As girly as they come. Loves make-up, jewels, and getting dressed every day! She’s sassy, full of personality, challenges me daily and the most dreamy girl I know.

Hughes: Brand New! Our sweet, newest edition. He rolls with the chaos and is happy as long as milk and sleep are involved!

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