Emma brock

Full-Time Student & Business Owner

Hi, my name is Emma Brock! I am twenty years old and a full-time student at the University of Central Florida (go knights!). With how busy I am with school, it used to be so hard when looking for a job where I could make money but not have to work a crazy amount of hours. There was always the decision to either put more focus and effort towards school or work, which I always chose school. But how do I attend school and pay off my tuition without a job to make my income from? Well, I’ll tell you how! When I heard that I could make money and be a full-time student, without all the stress that comes along, I was all in! Although I had to take a leap of faith, it was all worth it. This is a once in a life time opportunity where you can make however much money you put your heart to, and still be able to have so much time on your hands. I’m beyond blessed to be able to work from home, make my own hours, put “business owner” on my resume, grow as a person, and make so much money doing something I love!

Take that leap of faith - join me on this incredible journey and get to do the things you love, while getting paid for it :)