made of love, oils + passion

Hi there!
I’m Emmie, the gal behind Oily Trinity. I’m a wife of 14 years, mom of boys and a little maltipoo - Baymax. Give me all the oils, spa trips, and a powerful sisterhood of girlfriends. I love being social, but I also thrive in my own time and space. I’m an Enneagram Type 1, my Personality Color is Gold/Yellow and my ColorCode is Red. I’m a lover at heart, I’m self-driven, motivated, I love to learn and love to share what I learn with all who are interested.

On a professional level I am a CA Licensed Skin Therapist. I began using essential oils in my treatment room back in 2008, but my journey as an avid learner, leader, educator of EO’s began in 2018 after an almost 4 year battle with Endometriosis.

I was so tired of the western medicine way of treating my Endometriosis, the medication simply masked the issue, but it did not educate me on any of it, nor did it remedy any of the underlying issues I had with hormonal imbalances.

My personal journey with Endometriosis led me to dig deep for my own information. I learned about food triggers, natural supplements, natural feminine hygiene products, but I had yet to find any real aid through the hormonal essential oils I had tried.

Enter Young Living! A good friend of mine encouraged me to give YL a try, she gave me a lead and I took it from there. I researched the hormonal oils (so many raving reviews), I joined and ordered 2 (ProPlus + EndoFlex) of the 4 eo’s she had recommended.

And just like that I was on an incredible new journey of first of all - peace and then hormonal release and balance. Slowly but surely both my body and mindset began to shift and I completely fell in love with Young Living.

When you are awakened to something this good, it’s hard to shut it off!

I started taking class after class, researching and learning more, and then sharing and hosting classes in both English + Spanish.

The more I learned, the more I incorporated oils and YL products into our home. We are an avid YL family, from my husband down to our dog-son! We love and enjoy the many wonderful options YL offers our family.

We’ve swapped many of our old products for new wholesome plant based products. Our home has never smelled so good and the ability to shift your ambience with the touch of a button (diffuser) has never been so real. Not only has YL helped us to set a better ambiance in our home, but it also helps our immune support, emotional support, energy, sleep and so much more!

I am so glad I said “Yes!” to YL. I have come to know a group of amazing women who are driven to not only become better women, wives, moms, and girlfriends but to help educate and bless other women as well.

Do you share a heart like mine, but just haven’t found your place? If so, you’re welcomed here! I’d love to walk this journey alongside you. We share a beautiful community of women who - like me will welcome you with open arms. ❤️